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COVID-19 screening questions will be asked and documented during the interviewing process. Hiring decisions will require, among other criteria, a determination of low risk based on the answers.

Service Clerk Bakery Early Mornings

Looking for Early Morning help

Job Description

Our customer service representatives and cashiers are vital to the success of our stores. The department ensures our customers receive courteous service when purchasing their grocery items, provide information on products and services, and addresses any special needs our customers may have.
As a key department in the store, you and the front-end staff are the last direct point of contact with the customer and are vital in leaving a lasting impression! Through continuous learning you will develop a wealth of knowledge about Sobeys' retail stores. Through your interaction with customers you will ensure they are able to purchase their groceries quickly and efficiently. At the same time you will be called upon to provide information in response to inquiries about products or services as well as handling and resolving customer concerns. Those that thrive on giving a customer the ultimate in service will excel here. An outgoing personality and strong communication skills will ensure success in this role. Our customer service employees are given the opportunity to learn and grow through participating in numerous areas of retail where they gain valuable experience and skills.

Job Requirements
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Compliance with safety and sanitation procedures
  • Experience and knowledge of the Bakery Department is an asset
  • Retail experience is an asset

Looking for Early Morning Help