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    Sobeys meets the needs of its customers at more than 1,850 locations from coast to coast.

    In Quebec, where Sobeys is better known by the banner names IGA, IGA extra, Marché Bonichoix, Rachelle-Béry and Les Marchés Tradition, we have nearly 30,000 employees who all share a passion for food! 


Sobeys in-store jobs are highly coveted, not only because of our good working conditions, but for the relaxed atmosphere in each of our stores. Our store employees feel appreciated and valued, because they have the opportunity to develop a career plan as soon as they join Sobeys.

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Applying In Store?

You can also apply directly to the store nearest you by submitting your application in person if you wish to apply to work at a convenience store or supermarket or store near you, we invite you to submit your application in person at the store.